To get just the right learnings from our research, we employ a wide-range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies across the full range of audiences, from broad customer audiences to the most elite public policy and financial decision makers, around the world.

In a client crisis, we conduct political-style flash polls in less than 48 hours to determine the depth and threat of the crisis and the best path through it.

To help clients establish the most effective corporate image and positioning, we deploy corporate reputation studies to assess a company’s reputation in the context of the cultural landscape and the market environment, and identify the area where there is room to stake out a differentiated and compelling corporate story that is true to the company’s DNA.

And to create the often-delicate nuance of a powerful brand, our narrative and emotion-plumbing methodologies – both qualitative and quantitative – chart the path for delivering the right communications to each target audience, down to the exact words and images.

Beyond the research itself, in our engagements we regularly conduct ideation sessions, war-gaming exercises, and implementation workshops with our clients. The list below provides a snapshot of the methodologies we use most frequently. To find out which tools might be best to help solve your challenges, please contact us.

  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Message Creation & Testing
  • Publicity Polling
  • Political Campaigns
  • Political Polling
  • Tipping Point Qualitative
  • War-Gaming Exercises
  • Archetype Development
  • Brand Narrative Development
  • Concept & Ad Testing
  • Corporate Reputation Management
  • Creative and Agency Brief Development
  • Crisis Management & Flash Polling
  • Implementation Workshops