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Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, political elites have had a critical and sometimes existential role in the success of companies in almost every industry.

Quadrant knows these elites, and using such tools as its proprietary panels of DC, tech, and finance insiders and its surround-sound targeted listening in federal and state capitals in countries around the world, Quadrant is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate these often treacherous and unfamiliar waters, to make sure company leadership can keep its attention on the business.

DC Insider Views & Reactions

Used our proprietary panel of core DC insiders to craft the messaging strategy for a major tech company undergoing intense attacks inside the Beltway, and help it press through the storm.

Polls To Show

Wrote creative, topical poll questions and an attention-grabbing polling report to help one of America’s most well-known brands get coverage from media including the Wall Street Journal on a critical CSR issue.

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