Diversity & Inclusion

At Quadrant Strategies, we believe it is imperative to fight against racism and discrimination in all its forms.

The experience of marginalized communities in our society demands that we do our part to combat systemic discrimination. We know that no workplace is removed from the injustices that we see and people experience every day, but we are committed to ensuring our workplace adheres to a high standard of equity and inclusion. Through this, we hope to serve as a leader within our industry.

This commitment fully aligns with the personal beliefs of Quadrant’s leadership and team members, who have been integral in pushing forward diversity and inclusion efforts within our firm and more broadly in society. We stand together as a firm in our dedication to and advocacy for these values.

As a firm, we have collaboratively developed and adopted a set of core diversity and inclusion values that serve as a north star for our firm:


  1. Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Our D&I Committee is made up of staff members of all levels. The Committee works with the Senior Leadership Team to help manage the vision and work of making Quadrant a more inclusive place. Creating a space for this work is essential in order to amplify the voices of our colleagues who come from a range of backgrounds and to ensure firmwide accountability.
  2. Inclusive Culture. Achieving racial justice means that all team members feel supported regardless of their background. We are ensuring our company policies follow diversity and inclusion best practices. As the country wrestled with the tragic murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, we created spaces where team members can come together for personal discussion and reflection. We are providing continuous opportunities for learning so that we can better educate ourselves on these issues. And our training and onboarding procedures have been updated to specifically address equity issues in the workplace.
  3. Diverse Workplace. Quadrant is committed to making sure our team reflects the flourishing diversity of the DC area and of the country. Based on a review of existing recruitment procedures, we are optimizing for future recruitment cycles. Specifically, we are expanding our relationships with our university partners to consider candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, and broadening the schools we reach out to, for example to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  4. Work Product that Reflects our Values. We are constantly working to implement best practices for capturing and reflecting the opinions and perspectives of historically marginalized communities. That encompasses who we interview, what we ask, and how we interpret people’s responses. Furthermore we are continuing to identify and support opportunities for firmwide philanthropy and pro-bono work in the area of diversity and inclusion.


We are making clear that the fight for an equal future is not contained to one moment in time, but requires an unending commitment from the Quadrant community. Fighting bias in the workplace and in society is a lifelong battle, and we stand in solidarity with communities that must face this injustice every day. Through the above commitments, we hope that we can make an impact and achieve significant and meaningful change.