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The greatest assets a company has in creating loyalty and value are the emotional connections it forms.

With deep experience in creating brand attachment, Quadrant knows how to reach people at the emotional level to determine which levers to pull to move the business forward.

Brand Repositioning

After helping to guide a major tech company through an existential crisis, conceptualized and helped hone a national ad campaign to restore the company's brand to a position of strength and the company to renews massive growth.

Compete Strategy

Worked with one of the world’s leading entertainment companies to craft a compete strategy to undo the gains being made by a powerful challenger that had been making strong gains.

Establishing A Narrative

Worked with one of the fastest growing tech companies ever to craft its brand and product narrative as it both created and dominated a new category that is reshaping the tech landscape.

Brand Asset Testing

Worked with a global company, preparing to re-establish its brand, to evaluate brand concepts and pick a new logo that is able to convey the spirit of the new brand positioning.

Product Brand Architecture

Helped an instantly-recognizable global brand that had introduced many products in rapid succession streamline and clarify its overall product portfolio, by establishing clear product categorization and category sub-brands, as well as re-positioning and re-naming many of the portfolio brands to conform to that new architecture.

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