Nearly everything a company does sends a message, and every message has an impact on a company’s performance.

Quadrant has an array of messaging experts, former speechwriters, political consultants, marketing experts – and even lawyers – who know how to craft just the right messages, using exactly the right company assets, and how to test them in field to ensure they have just the right impact.

Business Growth Opportunity

Worked with one of the world’s largest tech companies to assess the opportunity, and then determine the messaging and targeting plan, for a product it has that is challenging one of the most entrenched and popular business tech products globally.

Market Opportunity Plan

Helped one of fastest growing global companies to develop a growth blueprint by mapping out the product use cases with the greatest growth potential, the consumer segments to target within each use case, and the messages to move those consumers.

Product Launch

Worked with one of the world’s highest-profile consumer-facing brands to launch its most successful new product in 4 years, by determining the positioning for the product and the audiences to target, identifying the audiences to target, and crafting and testing the messages for converting those audiences.

New Company

Retained by the former CMO of one of the world’s biggest companies to help launch a new company by developing the brand, targeting, narrative, and messaging strategies.

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