Reputation & Tracking

With everyone from political leaders to consumers increasingly focusing on how companies conduct themselves, a company’s reputation is critical to business success.

Quadrant knows how to identify the areas of equity that can be leveraged, the core pillars of reputation that need to be upheld, and how to blend the two together into a coherent reputation strategy.

Image Tracking

Reinvented the reputation research for one of the world’s highest-profile brands to create a political-style reputation management platform that blended reputation monitoring with proactive flash polling, conducted only when, and among whom, there was an issue worth polling about.

Multi-country Studies

Worked with one of the biggest and most iconic American brands to track and manage its reputation and communications strategy in markets around the world, where attitudes towards American brands differ sharply.

Employee Brand Tracking

Worked with a company facing varying brand perceptions among its employees to determine core brand metrics, strategize metric movement, and track internal perceptions to guide the new strategy implementation.

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